Entitlement in the Workplace

Entitlement at work has become a major problem for companies across America. Too many businesses when asked, “How many employees do you have working for you?” could respond, “Oh about half of them!”

Just like a disease, entitlement has several symptoms, and it’s important to notice the signs. It can appear in laziness, wanting something for nothing, cheating the system, and more.

This all goes back to that scarcity versus abundance mindset. It manifests itself in the way people talk, the way they act, and the way that competition arises. Employees think they’re competing in every meeting and even every conversation at the water cooler.

When employees start to gripe among themselves, “Management doesn’t do anything. We’re the ones who do all the work.” Or, “That’s not my job." You will quickly realize who is a cost or liability to your company. And in turn, you'll also discover who the assets are.

It's likely that the assets will be kept around much longer than the liabilities.

What if they came with “batteries included?”

Team Collaboration, Doug Andrew, Entitlement Abolition

The negative, me-me-me entitlement mentality we've discussed can become a cancer in the workplace. One you should always avoid and safeguard constantly.

What if your employees (or you included) have gotten off track? What can we do to get the employees back on track, collaborating in an environment of abundance?

Can you imagine how different it would be if instead of "me, me, me", it was "we, we, we?"  What if employees were self-motivated? There are a few key strategies—and it starts with the culture that you create, from the top down.

A productive, abundant workplace doesn’t “just happen” for us. It requires focused, consistent effort to develop skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Key Strategies to Abolish Entitlement in the Workplace

  • Consciously Create Your Company Culture
  • Encourage Healthy Competition
  • Hire the Right Team
  • Instill Ownership to Everyone
  • Inspire the Team Spirit
  • Engage Employees for Input
  • Reward Performance & Make It Fun
  • Become Sincerely Interested in Your Employees
  • Provide a Meaningful Transformation to Clients

With these tools and perspectives in place, you can tackle entitlement in the workplace. Remember to do it one step at a time.

It doesn’t have to happen overnight. As you begin to focus on things like encouraging ingenuity, hiring the right people, and rewarding performance, you will open the way for a transformation that can bring about greater overall abundance.

Always deliver more than expected.

Larry Page

Companies and businesses are experiencing entitlement everywhere. They are hungry for guidance and reinforcement in making the cultural shift necessary to open the way for a more abundant workplace. That's why we've developed The Entitlement Abolition coaching program to guide you on incorporating these principles into your business. Just as we would abolish entitlement from your families, we would do the same for your various workplaces. To learn more about the Entitlement Abolition coaching program, click the button below.

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