About Doug Andrew

For more than 40 years, Douglas R. Andrew has helped thousands of clients achieve a more abundant life through sound principles, innovative strategies, and impassioned dedication to what he calls the Three Dimensions of Authentic Wealth.

His journey began in 1974, when he founded his financial practice and quickly established a reputation as a trusted financial strategist. While Doug’s business grew, he and his wife, Sharee, experienced a “defining moment” in 1982 that changed their lives forever. Due to circumstances beyond their control, they went from enjoying a six-figure income and owning their dream home, to financially losing their house and having to start over again.

This experience led Doug to question conventional financial advice. He no longer valued “following the crowd,” which often leaves Americans’ wealth vulnerable to inflation, rising taxes, and market volatility. Through extensive research, he discovered proven strategies that could provide greater liquidity, safety, and rate of return.

In working with some of the nation’s wealthiest, however, Doug noticed concerning symptoms. Families who were adept at accruing financial wealth were often bankrupt in other areas of life. Otherwise well-meaning

Doug Andrew, Entitlement Abolition, Live Abundant
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parents were dumping vast stores of fish in their children’s laps, without teaching them how to fish. Others were allowing their children to crack the nest egg early, leaving everyone with less in the years they would need it most.

The diagnosis: entitlement.

The remedy: entitlement abolition.

Through Doug’s multi-faceted prescription, he has helped families achieve greater balance with the Three Dimensions of Authentic Wealth. He has assisted them in establishing a Legacy Bank where they can deposit and distribute KASH (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits). He has taught families to thrive through greater responsibility, accountability and ownership; he has empowered families and even workgroups to be united rather than divided; and he has helped people cultivate abundance not just today, but for generations to come.

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