Module 1: Habits of Abundance

Begin creating a mindset of abundance with the right habits that are in alignment with your vision and values

•   Shift from scarcity to abundance
•   Improve your relationships in just 30 days
•   Teach accountability and responsibility
•   Conquer first world problems
•   Develop your values and vision statement

In this module you will learn: The Lincoln Letter - a letter from one of the original entitlement abolitionists, The $2 Rule - how to create greater accountability and responsibility within your family or organization, The Appreciation Accelerator - how to accelerate the progress and results you make each week, The 10 Relationship Breakthroughs - how to cultivate key relationships in your family or business life, and much more.

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Lessons inside the Habits of Abundance

  • The Lincoln Letter
  • The $2 Rule
  • The Appreciation Accelerator
  • The Majesty of Calmness
  • The Gratitude Amplifier
  • The 10 Relationship Breakthroughs
  • The Conscious Communicator
  • Your Deliberate Legacy
  • The Goal Activator

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Get the Habits of Abundance Module!