Module 2: Developing Your KASH Blueprint

Establish your own Rules of Governance to create "Skin in the Game" within your family/business.

•   Develop your own family rules of governance
•   Why equal opportunity trusts are more powerful than equal distribution
•   How to avoid the mistakes that plague generational wealth
•   Powerful keys to unifying your family through values & vision

In this module you will learn: Mistakes that Plague Generational Wealth, The Power of Habit, The Negative Experience Transformer - How to turn any negative experience into intellectual capital to utilize and learn from, The Solution Formulator - How to formulate actionable strategies to achieve goals and accomplish more, Sketching the Blueprint - How to implement your rules of governance that align with your values and vision of your company or family, How the Andrew Family has established their True Wealth Philosophy, and more.

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Lessons Inside Developing Your KASH Blueprint

  • The Power of Habit
  • The Three Accelerators
  • The Better Life Circle
  • Visions from the Past
  • Mistakes that Plague Generational Wealth
  • The Negative Experience Transformer
  • The Solution Formulator
  • Sketching the Blueprint
  • The Ultimate Gift Accelerator Session

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blueprint and establishing your Rules of Governance. Start leading and living your legacy of abundance in your family or business now.

Get the Developing Your KASH Blueprint module!